Heads up!

CJ and I just came to the realization that neither of us will be on Saturday, so we’re going to set up a queue (at least on the promo blog). I might still be able to answer questions on mobile, but other than that neither of us will be available.

Okay guys, CJ and I have come to a decision!

We have indeed decided to allow Roman characters!

What do you guys think of a Nico Mirallegro oc?

I think he’d have to be played a bit older like maybe 18 or 19, but I definitely think he’d be cool to have on the dash!

Alright my loves, I’m off for a little while! ( I have to do some summer homework sigh) But please feel free to fill the inbox for when I or CJ get back on!


Would you ever accept (or post bios for) Roman demigods/legacies (like Gwen, Julia, Dakota, etc)?

We’ve considered it, but we’re not a hundred percent sure yet. We’ll definitely make an announcement when we have a final decision though! xxAly


Just a little reminder to everyone that our first task is due tomorrow, Friday, August 1st! It’s not mandatory this time around since it’s the first task, but it’s a fun way to dive into your characters a little bit more.

Welcome back, Ivy! Everyone go and follow Victoria Moore’s new account. Coffee anyone?

Hello again my loves, we’ve been having some great activity on the dash! I’d love to add some more males to the mix though, so would anyone like to help us out with that?


I should be online all day today, so please dont hesitate to fill our ask and submit!

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Welcome, Yuna! Everyone please follow the camp’s resident Wise Girl, Annabeth Chase