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SALEM REILLY is a SIXTEEN year old CLAIMED child of HECATE. She’s often told that she looks a lot like LIANA LIBERATO. Sorry, but she’s TAKEN.

Three guesses as to where I’m from.

» Personality:

✔independent, witty, brave

✘reckless, temperamental, aggressive 

» Playlist

The Reckless and the BraveAll Time Low

Happy Little Pill – Troye Sivan

Fangz  The Ready Set


When you grow up in a place like Salem, Massachusetts with a name like Salem and your mother no where to be found, you are the perfect set up for witch trial jokes. Through most of Salem’s schooling, she would have people making remarks about black magic and being burned at the stake. 

The jokes were all in good fun until one group of girls took it a bit too far when they put Salem’s head in the toilet shouting things like, “If you survive, you’re a witch!” Her fear of asphyxiation caused Salem to panic, but the feeling suddenly disappeared along with the girl’s hands on the back of her head. The mirrors in the bathroom had shattered, leaving glass scattered on the floor and the girls horrified. As they hurried to get out of the room, they yelled back at Salem, “You really are a witch, you freak!”

It was when she came home that day that Salem’s father finally told her the truth about her mother. The confession wasn’t something that she had expected, and when she was told that she would be attending Camp Half Blood, Salem only became more confused. She just didn’t understand why her father would keep something like that from her.


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XAVIER DELCATTA is an EIGHTEEN year old CLAIMED child of HADES. He’s often told that he looks a lot like TYLER POSEY. Sorry but he’s TAKEN.

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.

» Personality:

✔heroic, artistic, kind-hearted

✘sarcastic, flirtatious, unfocused

» Playlist

New Perspective – Panic! At The Disco

Dear Maria Count Me In – All Time Low

Something in the Way – Nirvana


Being raised by a mortician’s assistant, Isadora Delcatta, in Reno, Nevada, Xavier was always around the dead as a child. As he got older, X began to work for the mortician, Mr Edwards, as well, enjoying the work,and when told that his father worked with the dead as well, it would often put him at ease, not feeling so strange for enjoying such morbid work. One day while working, Xavier was beginning to embalm the body of a young woman, when it suddenly came to life and sprouted feathers, revealing itself to be a harpy and attacked him. In an alarmed panic, the boy fell back from the examination table, quickly scrambling away from it. As the monster began to grow closer, X had a panic attack, and suddenly the bodies in the mortuary rose to their feet and began to fight the harpy, their bodies hanging limp as though only their bones were moving.

However, the display of the boy’s power proved to be to no avail. The monster only ate them or cut them to pieces. Then, unsure of what to do and panicking more thoroughly, Xavier screamed as a sword sprouted out of the ground, the black blade, seemingly calling out to him. He instinctively grabbed it and sliced at the harpy and to his surprise, it dissolved into dust. Xavier began to calm down a bit until he noticed the dead bodies had suddenly turned on him. He tried his best to command them to stop, but it didn’t seem to work.  Just as he was about to scream in terror, Mr. Edwards walked in and yelled “That’s enough!!” and swiped his hand in the air. The bodies then walked back to their slots and fell dead again. Amazed at what happened, he asked “How the hell did you do that?” He smirked and replied, “Well, let’s just say I’m more family to you than you think.”

Sensing Xavier’s apprehension and fear, Mr. Edwards took it upon himself to escort X to camp Half-Blood. After a long conversation with Isadora, the two left for Long Island, Mr.Edwards buying his plane ticket, telling him about his situation on the plane, explaining in detail monsters, the gods, demigods, etc., and finally giving him a few lessons on how to use his sword πνεύμα, (Giest in English). He gave him a firm handshake good bye when they arrived at camp. He entered and took a walk around, and was claimed as he stepped across the dining pavilion entrance to the underworld.


Nico DiAngelo – half-brother – While still not used to the idea of having siblings, X cares for Nico and is more willing to protect him than most people.

Carter Daniels – half-brother – Xavier is actively aware that Carter is easily manipulated and impressionable, and often does his best to make sure no one takes advantage of him. He doesn’t approve of his friendship with Drew,  but figures if she hasn’t mistreated him yet, it must be alright.

Wyatt Marx – friend – Normally not a fan of his cousins, Xavier doesn’t mind Wyatt much, his more quiet nature reminding him of back home.

ISOBEL HARRISON is a SEVENTEEN year old CLAIMED child of KHIONE. She’s often told that she looks a lot like CRYSTAL REED. Sorry but she’s TAKEN.

Just because I’m the daughter of Khione, doesn’t my heart is made of ice.

» Personality:

✔brave, caring, loyal

✘indecisive, secretive, stubborn

» Playlist

Brave – Sara Barellies

Superheroes – The Script

Counting Stars – OneRepublic


Isobel is the daughter of Daniel Harrison and the goddess, Khione. She had been left on Daniel’s doorstep with a small note explaining that she was Daniel’s daughter. Daniel was reluctant to bring her in, he had a wife, Marianne, and a daughter, Fiona, and this child from an affair he had would cause problems but he couldn’t bring himself to give her up. Daniel’s wife was furious, but didn’t blame him. She blamed Isobel and her mother. Isobel was a troublemaker from the moment she was born, but it wasn’t her fault. She, like most demigods, had both ADHD and dyslexia and got kicked out of most schools she attended. Although both Marianne and Fiona treated Isobel like she was nothing, her father would always care for her and would protect her from harm. Isobel was fairly happy.

Everything went downhill when she was 10. Her father died and he wasn’t there to protect her from Fiona and Marianne. They treated her even worse than before. Eventually, Isobel got sick of how she was being treated and left. She was all alone, heading towards an Aunt’s, but bumped into a Saytr who realised she was a demigod and guided her safely to camp. For six and a half years, Isobel has attended Camp Half Blood, living there most of the year. She occasionally takes small breaks to visit her aunt Meredith, Daniel’s younger sister. Isobel is happier than ever at Camp Half Blood.


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JACK TAYLOR is a SEVENTEEN year old CLAIMED child of PSYCHE. He’s often told that he looks a lot like JOE SUGG. Sorry but he’s TAKEN.

For someone with asthma, I sure do breathe a lot.

» Personality:

✔optimistic, artistic, protective

✘careless, forgetful, messy

» Playlist

Constant Headache – Joyce Manor

Fluorescent Adolescents – Arctic Monkeys

Landfill – Daughter


Jack’s dad knew from the start that Jack was special. He was passionate for everything he did, he was very loving towards everyone and always mange to be happy. His dad would always joke around saying that he was the son of a god. Jack was kept inside the house a lot, his father wanted to keep him safe. Jack just loves to do everything and he is always up for it. Although, there is a cost to it, Jack happens to be forgetful and not to mention that he doesn’t like to follow the rules. It’s not in a rebel way, he just wants to do what he thinks would make him happy, even if it does mean not wearing a harness on the rock wall. He’s just a friendly person to be around.

Jack was born and raised in Philadelphia. Jack basically was on the football team; he did great in all his classes and lived the life of a normal teenager. Although, he was always upset that he didn’t have a mother to be by his side. Of course, he loves his dad, but there is something about a mother that gives you warmth. So while growing up, Jack never believed in love. He didn’t date anyone, because he simply didn’t want to hurt a girl’s feeling by not saying I love you. But Jack managed to hide that and he seems like the most optimistic person to be around. At camp, he is always smiling and you’d see him outside drawing or playing guitar. 


No connections yet.

DAVEN RICHARDS is a SEVENTEEN year old CLAIMED child of IRIS. She’s often told that she looks a lot like EMMA ROBERTS. Sorry but she’s TAKEN.

I may believe in all this, but I’m still going to need time to get use to all this shit.

» Personality:

✔straightforward, plucky, versatile

✘pessimistic, possessive, materialistic

» Playlist

Roar – Katy Perry

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls

Cherry Bomb – The Runaways


Her single father, Nick Richards, raised Daven all her life. Nick was just 23, when he first met Iris. Her inhuman beauty memorized him and he vowed never to fall in love with another woman. In the beginning the two of them lived in a small apartment in Chicago together. Nick never mentioned Daven’s mother to her for the longest time and Daven just assumed she dumped her with him and left. But Nick knew if Daven knew too much about her true identity too young, she could get in danger and Nick wanted to protect his daughter as long as possible.  Throughout the years, Nick had pushed back the idea of moving out to New York. He wanted to be with his daughter before he had to send her off to some camp. Daven grew up to be a very normal and pretty girl. Besides the ADHD and dyslexia, Daven was pretty popular in school. Then when she was about 13, her father decided to move out of Chicago. At first, Daven was upset but when she found out that they were moving to New York City; she was excited. The two of them settled in an apartment near Time Square. Everything seemed normal for Daven and her father, for the moment.

At the new school, Daven was starting to hang out with a different group of girls compared to the ones back in Chicago. She was acting more wild and rebellious. Her father was getting worried. On the night of Daven’s 17 birthday, Daven was claimed by Iris while leaving a party with some friends.  That’s when a satyr came and took Daven to Camp Half-Blood. They got to the top of the Half-Blood hill when a monster attacked them. Kids from Camp came and fought back the monster. With everything going on, Daven blacked out but not before she saw the boy who carried her into camp, Percy Jackson. After being out for a day, Iris visited in her dreams and explained to Daven who she was and that her was world going to completely change. Once she was fully back to heath, Daven was placed in Cabin 14 with her brother Butch, another child of Iris. The lifestyle of the woods was not the best first impression to this party girl. Now Daven is faced with battle training and an ongoing war.


Butch Baker – half-brother – Butch was the first person Daven got to know at camp despite him being her brother. He gave her the nickname ‘Double Rainbow’ due to her “cheerful” and “colorful” attitude towards being at camp.

Percy Jackson – interest – Percy was the boy who brought Daven back into camp when the monster attacked her and the satyr. She developed a bit of crush on him and looks up to him.

Rhiannon Waters – half-sister – Even though she is Daven’s sister now, there are a lot of times when Rhiannon just gets under Daven’s skin.

Listed below are the OCs who currently do not have their bios posted. It’s mainly for personal reference, but if you do not see your character’s name below and it should be there, please like this post!

  • Daven Richards || Daughter of Iris || FC: Emma Roberts
  • Isobel Harrison || Daughter of Khione || FC: Crystal Reed
  • Jack Taylor || Son of Psyche || FC: Joe Sugg
  • Salem Reilly || Daughter of Hecate || FC: Liana Liberato
  • Xavier Delcatta || Son of Hades || FC: Tyler Posey


So just to update you all, there are a ton of wonderful OC bios that are in need of posting. I got a new laptop only a few weeks ago and don’t know when I’ll be able to get around to downloading Photoshop, so I’ll try to get on my old one and get the graphics out as soon as possible. Thank you and sorry for the wait. An activity check will be coming up this weekend if we feel it necessary, so keep an eye out for that!


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