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Camp Half-Blood, Long Island, New York is a special camp for demigods. Here they train, live and learn about monsters that will come after them outside camp. If you are a demigod and want to survive, this is the only place for you. It's been two years since the War of Manhattan and we're thriving

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So I asked, and you all responded.

It would seem that quite a few of you not only want this to return, but also check out the blog for updates. That alone I think is enough to bring this rp back. This time around, I think we could all keep it going if we work together. I know I am mainly the reason this fell seeing as the admin page was being neglected along with advertising. I promise that this time around I won’t leave you guys without a warning. It’s going to take some time, but this rp will revive. This is my promise to all of you. I’ll have some more news regarding the revamp coming soon. I love you all.

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I’m happy to say I have big new regarding our rp tonight. Everyone check back in in a few hours for the reveal.

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Hello, hello! Happy Friday, everyone. So I have come to the conclusion that I am going to put this roleplay on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. I just think that we’re all too busy, and this group could use an official break. I do not however want this to die, and I have intentions of doing a little revamp in the future to jump start everything when it comes time to reopen!

You can definitely leave suggestions in the askbox if you disagree with my decision. Also, if the people who liked the previous post could send me the links to their personal Tumblrs, that would be great; once this starts up again, I want to be able to contact you to let you know! Thank you all, it’s been an absolute pleasure roleplaying with everyone!


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Admin CJ is really busy with schoolwork and the like, but I’m sure all you wonderful roleplayers would agree when I say that I don’t want this to die. We’ve had a long run with some great members, so I’m trying to decide what to do with this now. Please like this post if you are interested in staying in the RP. I’ll try to make another post by Friday with an update.


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from Anonymous

Hello, lovely! (P.S. This is Admin I, I’ve decided to change my mascot to the beautiful Alexandra Daddario for the time being. It’s subject to change, but expect to see her face around the main!)


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› Everyone please unfollow Zach.
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› Everyone please follow our newest Demeter girl, Lu.
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› Everyone look out! We have a new Hecate kid joining us.
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› Blake has finally arrived! Please give him a follow.
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The follow list has been updated, and we’re currently working on finishing getting everyone’s bios up!

Please don’t hesitate to shoot a message if you see something wrong or missing. These are the following campers who still need their bios posted:

This is mostly a list for me to remember. If you don’t see your character’s name here, but it should be, let me know!


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