Hi everyone!

Unfortunately the way it looks right now we may have to postpone the opening a few more days. If anything changes, we’ll let you know! xxAly

Terribly sorry that we haven’t posted anything lately guys

I’ve been busy all weekend and CJ’s been working so we haven’t really been able to talk to each other and work things out completely. 

If all goes well, we should be posting some characters throughout the next few days, and we will most likely start accepting apps on Wednesday the 23rd of July. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to shoot us an ask, I promise I dont bite. xxAlyssa

How do we get to the OOC blog to see stuff about the revamp?

Old members should have been given a link to the chat unless we missed somebody which I extremely hope we didn’t! Otherwise if you’re looking to join, we’ll be making the first few posts about it today on the main so stay tuned! (:

xoxo CJ

Hello my lovely lurkers!

Everyone if you’re reading this, please check the OOC blog for new information concerning the revamp.